Mission & Vision



Our Mission.

Invertebrate Studies Institute’s mission is to inspire appreciation for and conservation of the natural world through invertebrate focused research, education, outreach and entertainment activities.

ISI strongly believes that if the public of all ages can be exposed to the wonders of invertebrate biodiversity on earth through research and a truly comprehensive picture of earth’s interconnected biodiversity, people will be inspired and motivated to push for strong, robust and long-lasting measures to restore and protect our natural world.


Our Vision.


Think ‘the Jurassic park of Bugs!’.  Build a world-class 1,000,000 square foot public Biodome, Invertebrate (“Bug”) Zoo and Research Institute uniquely designed with series of live invertebrate displays research lab facilities each charged with its own element of our Vision: education, outreach, research, and natural conservation;


Create an internationally recognized invertebrate-centered research facility which also contributes to our vision to expand invertebrate centered education, outreach and natural conservation; 


Establish a network of collaborators, partners, facilities, colleagues and other stakeholders for executing our vision of expanding invertebrate centered education, outreach, research and natural conservation. 


Our Strategies.

ISI will build from our current laboratory to the world’s largest biodome and biotech facility focused on invertebrates via our 5 stage plan:

Stage 1:

Rent remainder of current suite, hire a technician, set up online gift shop for fundraising ($100,000 total needed).

Stage 2:

Build lab with additional research equipment (GC/MS for chemical analysis, -80 freezer for genomics samples, proper glassware, additional cages and environmental control spaces).

Stage 3:

Build small temporary prototype proof of concept public insect zoo, gift shop, green house, hire 1 new tech.

Stage 4:

Purchase old “Crossroads mall”, begin building biodome and biotech institute.

Stage 5:

Build out biotech space to rent out to other entities for additional revenue.

Our overall strategies for the organization to successfully achieve our mission include:

  • Create and maintain an invertebrate zoo and USDA-APHIS approved laboratories for culturing numerous invertebrate species (insects, arachnids, nematodes, etc.), including exotic species, for use in education, outreach and research activities.
  • Apply for grants targeted for research projects as well as educational and outreach activities. Identify other sources of funding including, private donors and partner organizations.
  • When applicable the institute will pursue opportunities to generate revenue from Intellectual Property (including but not limited to patentable materials, copyrighted materials, trademarks, software, and trade secrets) derived from research and educational activities.
  • Recruit passionate and energetic scientists, professionals and enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds who wish to move our mission forward toward our vision.
  • We will host outside scientists and collaborators doing invertebrate-related research who wish to utilize our facilities or research animals either in collaboration, via pay for service, or a pay for facility basis.
  • The institution will community events including a large annual festival and have a presence at other science festivals around the USA.

Invertebrate Studies Institute’s mission is to inspire appreciation for and conservation of the natural world through invertebrate focused research, education, outreach, entertainment activities.

Invertebrate Studies Institute, Inc. (ISI) is a non-profit 501c3 organization.

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