Invertebrate Studies Institute is currently housed in a small state of the art biomedical style biotechnology research laboratory in the University Research Park in Downtown, Oklahoma City (755 Research Parkway).  We are maintaining our initial cultures of about 20-30 phasmid (stick insect) species from all over the world as part of the early stages of our research and educational outreach programs.  These are kept in temperature and humidity controlled grow tents and inside metal screen mesh cages. 

We are utilizing this facility to collect our initial research samples of -80C frozen fresh specimens of stick insects for our genome sequencing initiative (to sequence the genomes of all stick insect species on earth).  We are also beginning to collect chemical defense spray toxin samples from all of our species which produce chemical defense sprays for downstream bioprospecting and chemical/biosynthesis analysis.

Our current laboratory and facilities include: access to large autoclaves, a large -80C freezer, 2 small laboratories (one with grow tents and live insects and another complete with chemical resistant benchtops, chemical resistant sinks, Dionized DI water, gas and vac line and metal cabinets), 2 grow tents, humidifiers, heaters, humidistat humidity sensors/controls, thermostat temperature sensors/controls, standard molecular biology tools (pipettes, glassware, a PCR machine, DNA gel systems and a dissecting microscope.

Ultimately, to bring our mission and vision to fruition, we will need to grow beyond our current spaces.  Our plan for this is to transition within the next year into a stand-alone prototype proof of concept insect zoo and biotech research laboratory (see links below).  Next we will move to our world’s largest biodome and biotech institute focused on invertebrates.  See more about our vision for this facility at the link below and please donate to help make these happen! We cannot achieve our ground breaking, inspiring, urgently needed and highly productive mission or vision without your support!

Invertebrate Studies Institute’s mission is to inspire appreciation for and conservation of the natural world through invertebrate focused research, education, outreach, entertainment activities.

Invertebrate Studies Institute, Inc. (ISI) is a non-profit 501c3 organization.

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ISI inspires appreciation for science, invertebrates and the natural world.

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