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  • Animal Care
  • Plant Care
  • Operating Costs (to keep us going!)
  • Opening 1st Prototype Insect Zoo & Biotech Lab
  • The Biodome Project

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Costs Breakdown

* The money is needed for: 1) Current operating cost (paying technician staff, facility rent and utilities, food for invertebrates including plants, care for special insect food plants, some research tools and supplies, invertebrate cages, some low cost basic lab equipment such as freezers, heaters, grow tents and humidifiers and temp/humidity monitors), 2) Marketing and fundraising campaigns, 3) Building or remodeling larger public space for proof of concept prototype insect zoo and research facility open to the public, 4) educational programs and development of content, 5) Building a business plan for the ISI Biodome, 6) Recruitment of volunteers (advertising, PR, etc.), 7) Building, equipping and staffing the ultimate world’s largest biodome and biotech facility (biodome, plants, cages, walk-in environmental chambers for growing invertebrates, a private green house for special plants, chemistry core facility, state of the art genome sequencing core facility).

Invertebrate Studies Institute’s mission is to inspire appreciation for and conservation of the natural world through invertebrate focused research, education, outreach, entertainment activities.

Invertebrate Studies Institute, Inc. (ISI) is a non-profit 501c3 organization.

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Invertebrate Studies Institute, Inc.

University Research Park
755 Research Parkway, Suite 552
Oklahoma City, OK 73130
Phone: 352-281-3643

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ISI inspires appreciation for science, invertebrates and the natural world.

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